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By the Will of Osmuth [Chapter 1 of X]

At its core, Dwarf Fortress is a story generator. The following post is but one entry in a single thread of a substantially larger body of historical legend. For more stories, please see the Loremastery tab
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If you haven't ever generated a pocket world with a low amount of civs and a high amount of monsters, then I encourage you to do so. The cramped confines and increased variability cause all sorts of wacky shit to happen - century-long wars as survivors are picked apart by skeletal dragons, dwarven civs run by goblin vampires, elves being wiped from the map. That type of thing.

I generated a world just now and was surprised to see it enter the Golden Age with nearly 400 years more to go. I was even more surprised when it remained in a Golden Age for the entire generation. The world had 3 civs - dwarf, human and elf - and more monsters than it knew what to do with. How did they not tear each other apart?

The answer paints a pretty bleak picture for democracy.

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02/22/2014 Dev Log: You can use the insurrection mechanic to help, but anything goes

Army occupations now monitor their status and can be compelled by attrition to withdraw from a site (without having to take the keep/mead hall by force and create a leadership structure of your own, which you could do already). I need to finish some options, summaries and historical information, but the basic mechanic is in the game. It has been bumpy, since there were crashes to work through, and the first time the enemy army fled, it took everybody in the town with it, leaving a ruin, but it seems to function at this point. You can use the insurrection mechanic to help, but anything goes -- you don't have to utilize local citizens as long as the occupiers detect sufficient losses.

Honestly, I'm losing the thread of what he's actually working on at this point. I get that he's adding new content, but isn't he just making minor adjustments and tweaks to a gameplay feature we haven't even seen yet?

Regardless, it is nice to have more options when it comes to changing the world. If you don't feel like liberating a site by overrunning its keep, you can instead kill a sufficient number of occupiers to force a retreat. Neat.

Dwarf Fortress 2

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2 HAT!!11

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02/19/2014 Dev Log: "Today's success was to have a crying mother spit on me"

Today's success was to have a crying mother spit on me and call me a murderer, so that's where we're at. Of course, people familiar with modding or magma crabs might guess that the first time she spit at me, the glob came out frozen and my murderous character, being handy with a sword, batted the saliva ice cube out of the park. After I fixed that, and some other stuff, it splattered on my toga. There are tears and sweat now as well, coming out of the right tissues at the right times. As with blood, it remembers who provided them up to a point, which should be fun for brewing witches' potions and so on in some distant future. Fixed some other crashes and mess as well. Hopefully we can move on to cheerier territory

You guys. This new release? It's going to be pretty damn weird.

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02/17/2014 Dev Log: People now process seeing bodies

The experiments have continued as I've improved moods and reputations in general. People now process seeing bodies not just as entity-level rumors, or evidence of crimes, but versus their own personal understanding of the person, so they can have their emotional breakdowns and so on. I led one party member into a room where rested a dead relative, and they fell to the ground crying... which is depressing. I'm not able to spend time updating how that body parts store information, so body discovery operates with the same mechanics as usual -- they recognize body parts, no matter how small, as evidence of death, and only after death. So you could throw a head into a room to freak people out, which is cool, but you can also throw a single tooth, and it would work too, if the person is dead. And if you drop a tooth from a bar fight in a different room with some relatives, nobody will care, but if you later go and kill the former owner of the tooth, then you'll hear people cry out in the distance as long as they are still on the map, since they'll suddenly recognize the tooth as belonging to somebody deceased. That's okay, as far as we need it to work for now.
I wonder if we'd see a sharp decline in murder if everyone had the ability to instantly know the owner and fate of a single mundane body part

Well, perhaps not, given that I'll probably still be a complete psychopath in Dwarf Fortress compared to real life. I mean, I'm not saying that I'm a psychopath in real life, but uhh, you know what, forget it

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04/07/2013 Dev Log: Dwarf Fortress and Tarn/Zach Adams profile by the Kitsap Sun

In the localest DF news to date, today's Kitsap Sun (the county paper) will feature a Dwarf Fortress article by Tad Sooter. It's also available online. Amy Phan produced a video online there as well, on the left of the article (or here).

I highly suggest checking the article out. It's surprisingly well written and respectful to both the game and to the Tarn brothers - something which is all too often lacking.
We move back to the kitchen counter and Ringland breaks out a tray of cookies while Tarn and Zach arrange their pencils and crayons. They have about 20 drawings to make for contributors on this night. As usual, the fan requests are specific and obscure. One fan wants a picture of a metallic god he encountered in his game, another insists on the marvelous penguins. 

The brothers have fielded much stranger requests in the past. A fan once asked the Adamses to draw his boss as an ogre whipping him with chains. He planned to hang it in his office

“That was a great picture,” Ringland recalls with a smile